The IES “Medina Azahara” has been selected to develop, as coordinator, an Erasmus+ learning and mobility project for the teaching staff and the students of this center during the next courses 2017/18 and 2018/19. The project, which is entitled “A Journey Through Time”, is funded by the European Commission and has been selected after a
thorough evaluation process by SEPIE, the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education.

The project counts on the participation of teachers and students from the following centers:

  • Agrupamiento de Escuelas Nuño Gonçalves (Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Istituto Comprensivo Calenzano (Calenzano, Italia)
  • IES Nº 1 (Ribeira, La Coruña)
  • IES Medina Azahara (Córdoba, España)

“A Journey Through Time” was born with the idea of promoting the acquisition of quality skills and competences as well as promoting interculturality, social inclusion, digital competence and multilingualism. This project includes a series of activities to be carried out in each center, in coordination and communication among the partners, as
well as regular meetings with teachers and students from the other centers.

Project information

This project aims to gather schools located in some cities which the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosme III visited on his historic journey through Spain and Portugal, to Santiago de Compostela, in the seventeenth century. Using the chronicles of the trip, the different teams will study the social situation of the age, customs, ethnic minorities, the
situation of women, establishing comparisons with the current era.


  1. To reinforce the feeling of European citizenship among our students.
  2. To improve basic skills and abilities.
  3. To use modern digital techniques as a learning method.
  4. To improve the use of English in communication with students from other countries.
  5. To promote the care for students at a social or academic disadvantage, favoring their participation in a type of project that may be stimulating.
  6. Cultural integration of immigrant students.
    Work process

This project was born as part of an Erasmus KA2 that will be developed throughout this course and the next, so the calendar of activities must necessarily coincide with the latter.

The communication between students and teachers will be developed through the etwinning space and the visits to be made to the centers.

First of all there will take place an explanatory and dissemination activity of the project.

The logo of the project will be chosen through a contest between the schools.

The Andalusian center is in charge of general coordination. It will also take special care of the development of the Augmented Reality Applications for the elaboration of a Travel Guide.

The Italian center will be responsible for quality control. He will also be responsible for the overall design of a Game of the Goose and the Gymkhana.

The Portuguese center will be responsible for aspects related to interculturality.

The Galician center will coordinate the musical part and the evaluation.

Expected results

Tangible results:

  • Creation of a specific logo for the project and shirts the participants,
  • Preparation of the Mobile Travel Guide application.
  • Creation of drawings based on the watercolors of Pier Maria Baldi on the places that Cosme III visited, which will be used to make the Game of the Goose.
  • Elaboration of a Gymkhana that includes the study of the situation of the respective cities in the XVII century, compared with the current one.
  • Musical interpretation and recording of musical pieces and dances of the time, including those of diverse ethnic minorities.

PDF: General information about the project


General Information

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