Between the years 1668-1669 the prince and future Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de´ Medici went on a journey, visiting countries such as France, Spain, Portugal or England.
His father Ferdinando II encouraged him to embark on it with the intention of inspiring his shy character, instructing him about international affairs at a time that Florence slid between the political powers of the century: Spain and France; in addition, this would get him away from the marital problems with his wife Margarita Luisa de Orleans, cousin of Louis XIV of France.
The Florentine Prince arrived in Spain escorted by a group of gentlemen and servers, noting Lorenzo Magalotti, academic dean of the Accademia del Cimento and author of the official narration of the journey, the marquis Filipo Corsini and the doctor Juan Bautista Gornia, whose personal diaries complete the first one with their impressions and Pier Maria Baldi, who executed several watercolours about the most important places that they visited. Additionally, knights such as Vieri de Castiglione, an agent of Cardinal Giovan Carlo de´ Medici (uncle of Cosme), joined the group in Spain.

After disembarking in Barcelona from France at the end of September 1868, the expedition visited the Spanish Court of the regent Mariana de Austria (the future Charles II was underage), during October and November, before prosecuting their journey to the south of Spain. At the beginning of December they reached the Kingdom of Córdoba.

The narration and the diaries of the journey, apart from the watercolours by Baldi, have provided us with an invaluable testimony about our region during the 17th century, with detailed and original descriptions of several aspects about people, monuments, economics, etc. Although sometimes they are vague because they were foreigners, it is a pleasure to follow them in their adventure through the country.

Through the link below, you can access to a detailed description of the days the Florentine prince spent in the city, including characters, monuments and other social or historical information of interest. This is an augmented reality guide created with the googlemymaps program, thanks to the collaboration of the school’s teachers and students.


Visit of Cosimo III de´Medici to Córdoba

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