This is the recording of the concert offered last May 25 in the church of San Francisco, as part of the activities related to the Erasmus project, “A Journey through Time”. In this project, the institutes “Medina Azahara” of Córdoba, “Nuno Gonçalves” of Lisbon, “IES Nº 1” of Ribeira and “Calenzano” of Italy, have worked together around the trip made by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosme III de Medici, throughout Spain and Portugal in 1668 and 1669. The soprano Lucía Ruiz Tavira, former student of the IES “Medina Azahara” performed a series of arias, recalling the concert that Cosme III attended during his stay in Córdoba, while he was staying in this Franciscan convent.
Concert in San Francisco

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